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Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and requires the assistance of a lot of people if you're planning it yourself. Even using a wedding planner can be stressful at times, because of the sheer volume of things that need to be coordinated in order to make the wedding work. The team at Stone Bride is here to help you with tips and information to plan your special day.

Quick and Easy Wedding Planning Tips

Don't celebrate the engagement too long before you start planning.Give yourself a day or two to bask in the joy of the engagement, but don't wait too long before you start planning. There's a lot to be done, and the longer you wait to start, the more you'll have to do in a shorter amount of time.

Get a datebook or calendar immediately.There's going to be a lot to keep up with, and it will be easy to lose track of it all. The datebook/calendar will help you make sure you're not missing anything.

Set aside a block of time every day or week to plan the wedding together. This will help keep you both on the same page about what you want, what needs to be done, and what has already been handled.

Share responsibilities.Don't make one person do all the work, or allow the groom to feel left out! Sharing responsibilities will make it easier to get things done.

Talk to each other, a lot!Talking to each other will make sure you are both aware of wants and needs while getting everything done.

Details, Contracts, and Negotiations.This is incredibly important because you will have several points of contact: florists, dresses, fittings/alterations, programs, favors, venue, etc. Get everything written down so it is clear for all parties. Read the fine print of contracts before you sign them.

Remain Flexible.You're both going to have things the other doesn't want. If you stand your ground firmly, you'll get nowhere. Be flexible and learn where you can compromise.

Create an Organization System. Organization is key, to make sure you have everything you need, when you need it. We're not going to suggestion any particular organization system because everyone works differently, but you should create a system that is effective for you, the way you do things, and what you need.

Use these tips to help making planning your wedding go much smoother! You'll save time, frustration, and money.

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Steps to Planning Your Wedding

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